Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleeping In

I actually got to sleep in today. In my own bed. With Mikey at home. All the way until 8 am, when Mikey came up to snuggle with me while having a drink and a mini-nap.

This is the first time this has happened in months. It was really nice.

I feel amazingly well rested today. It is incredible what a difference an extra 2 hours can make. I guess those few mornings when I left for work before Mikey got up turned out to have extra benefits to them.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Half way through another month

It's almost half way through August without a single post? Man, I have really lost the hang of balancing work with everything else. I am definitely feeling like I have a complete lack of free time. I don't remember ever feeling it this bad before. Might have something to do with having an active kid.

What is a typical day like for me?
6-7 am - get up whenever Mikey wakes up. On a great day I wake up myself at 6 feeling refreshed and Mikey sleeps until 7. I never thought an hour by myself in the morning would be so amazing.
7:30-8:30 am - get ready for work
8:30 - 5:30 pm - at work
5:30-6:30 pm - supper time. Most days Mike has supper started when I get home. It's the only part of being a stay-at-home parent he does, other than keeping Mikey alive. Cleaning is the main part he doesn't do. My house looks like a disaster zone all the time, and while I hate it, I haven't the energy or time to fix it. It's supposed to be his job. Right?
6:30-9 pm - play with Mikey. All outings and stuff are also done during this time.
9 pm - bedtime for Mikey. We are finally getting a regular routine with 2 stories, and snuggling. If I got him a twin bed and removed the rocking chair, I think bedtime would be even easier.
9:30-10 pm - come back downstairs because Mikey is out. Some nights take longer, and sometimes I fall asleep in the rocking chair. Very bad for your neck.
10-11 pm - read, blog, whatever I feel like in my hour of free time a day.
11 pm - bedtime for me.
11-6 pm - hopefully sleep. Usually have one wake from Mikey that lasts 15-60 min. I love when he just climbs in beside me, drinks and falls asleep without me needing to get up. Then when he is sideways and kicking me, I move him back to bed. Easiest wake ups ever.

That is my usual weekday. Weekends are usually lazy days spent lounging and playing.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of July

Is it really the end of July already? Wow, time is flying this year.

I have now been at work for 3 weeks already. I am loving going to work. I still am not trained for "my" job yet, but that starts in August. In the meantime, I am making everyone else happy by assisting with anything I can. There are a few ladies that I am really getting to know, and I'm having lots of fun with.

Mikey seems to be adjusting well. There have been a few days where he gave me a kiss and told me good-bye while waving before I was ready to leave. Nothing like being shooed out the door by a two year old.

Soccer is over now. Yesterday was the last day. Mikey did not have fun. He screamed and cried through the whole 2 min award ceremony for his team. But we did get his pictures. Our picture together is cute. He was definitely freaking out in the team photo, which makes it pretty cute.

Our pool has been getting some use. It got a lot of use during the melting hot days. I am glad those are over for now. Now it's just regular hot days. Like summer should be. We did get some rain this week, for the first time all month. It was very nice. Except for the overnight thunderstorms that kept waking Mikey up. Not cool.

Mikey still isn't eating. He is sucking on baby cookies and Cheesies on a regular basis. He also loves sucking on syrup covered waffles. He is starting to talk more. There is a lot more that we understand, even if he is still missing quite a few syllables and sounds. He is super active, and is beginning to sleep better. Some days. We have moved his bedtime to 9pm, and that seems to help him sleep until 7am, with only one wake-up most nights around 4am. Yea for sleep! He is still very resistant to the idea of potty training.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - July 22

This has been a very quick, very long week full of hot temperatures. I'm not sure my brain works enough to even dump out a leftover post. Let's see.

It is so hot here. The heat wave is finally breaking, but I think my brain melted. I am so glad I got to go work in an air conditioned building all week. Especially Thursday. It was a record breaking day with the temperature hitting 35.7 C (that's 96.3 F) but when you added humidity, it felt like just under 50 C (122 F). The temperature was only 0.5 degrees off the hottest temprature ever.

Needless to say, our pool has been getting lots of use. Mikey is getting very comfortable in it. He nows leans on the side and lifts his feet up to float for a few seconds at a time. He would stay in there all day if you let him. He cries everytime we take him out.

Tomorrow is the second last day of soccer. We get our pictures tomorrow. That will be fun to see how they turned out.

I am glad it's the weekend. I could use some relaxing. Mikey didn't sleep well with the heat so high, so I didn't really get any relaxing time in the evening. It will be nice to just sit for a while. Maybe get caught up reading some of the 750+ blog posts I haven't had time to read this week.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I feel like a puddle. It is so hot, I am melting. But I can't bring myself to jump in our pool. That water is just too cold. I'm afraid I'll have a heart attack.

I am super glad we have window fans in the bedrooms. They really help cool things off over night. Provided it does cool off over night, which luckily has been happening.

I wanted to share my story of my horrible night last night. It was brutal. Mikey wasn't feeling good in the evening. He threw up about an hour before bed. Started getting very hot. So I tried to help cool him off. Put him to bed fairly easily. But he woke up at 9 pm, and was burning up. I tried to get him settled back down, but it was taking a long time. At 9:45 he was still up, so I ran downstairs and turned off all the lights figuring I'll just go to bed when he finally falls back asleep.

Fifteen minutes later, I start feeling not well. I was getting hot, with a bad headache. I convinced Mikey to come lay in my bed with me. The little heat pack curled up with me and I tried to doze my headache away. By 11 I was up puking. Mikey was so concerned, rubbing my back for me. It was so sweet it made me bawl. Afterwards I dragged myself back to bed, and Mikey curled up with me again. He still wasn't falling asleep, so I put on the mini DVD player for him, and passed out.

I woke up around 1:30 and moved him to his own bed. He felt cool and stayed asleep. I felt much better myself. We were both up at 6:30 this morning feeling fine, although I was quite tired.

Not sure if it was just the heat or what, but last night was no fun. Here's hoping tonight will be okay.